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How do you make good career choices? From idea to decision.

How does making a decision work?

It’s a dynamic processs. There’s constant communication between your conscious and subconscious. You observe and talk. Just letting it go for a moment. Taking your time.

The most fascinating part is this. I think I know what I’m thinking but most of my thinking I do subconsciously. Only at the end there is a thought or insight. I try to analyse it. Because sometimes I am not sure where it has come from. It seems to appear from nowhere. This process has been described by several authors such as Ab Dijksterhuis and also Malcolm Gladwell in ‘Blink’.

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This is what the process of deciding looks like for me:

Practical daily decisions, such as which jam to put on your bread are fine to make with your rational mind.

Making career choices, however, tend to have a more complex nature. It is good to realise that your subconscious mind plays a big role. I recommend the following:

  • take time for making career choices
  • write on a piece of paper what you find important in life – how do your choices fit in?
  • observe how you generally make decisions in life
  • hire a career coach for more clarity and tools for making decisions
  • no choice is also a choice. Maybe the time is not right yet.
  • build up trust in yourself, others and the universe

Are you sometimes lost on what to think about this mishmash of thoughts in your mind? No worries. Your subconscious is continuously working on ordering them for you.

I am keen to hear your experiences with taking decisions in your (international) career. Or that of the staff within your organisation. What works and what doesn’t? I look forward to hearing from you.

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